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Miscellaneaus at iMedia
Printed Card
June 2008
Integrated Logos
12 Days of Tweetmas
December 2012
Shopping List Design
August 2005
Hallmark Countdown to Christmas
Widget Mockup
August 2013
Blog Promos Mockup
October 2013
Statistical Data in Poster Format
Airline Logos
June 2009
Sculptures Basked in Grids and Impressions
April 2008
Character that Glows in the Dark
Photography and Book Layout Design
June 2009
Tottenham Tea Company
Logo Development for Hypothetical Tea Company
October 2008
Gender Symbols
February 2009
Ericole - Raks Gothique
CD Design for Hypothetical Band
December 2007
Wright Brothers
Post Stamp Design
March 2009
Three Lines
Sculpture in Aluminun
February 2008
Advertisers' Newsletter
February 2007
E-Mail Header Design
June 2005
Design Template
August 2005
Invitation e-Mail Design
October 2005
TV Grid Icons
January 2007
Thanksgiving Widgets
September 2005
Weather Bug
August 2005
Survey Widget
August 2005
Punctuation Mark Design for "Or"
September 2008
... more items to be added ...